Treaty of Lahore part 2

One of the more obscure pieces of the treaty of Lahore was the handing over of the Hazara province to the British(Article 4). The British demand for this area of the NorthWest sounds fairly odd – far away from their own territories at a time when they hadnt extended their rule over the whole Punjab. With British now able to cross the Punjab as and when they pleased however(Article 10), it may be Hardinge the Governor-General desired a stepping stone of British teritory for launching future invasions into Afghanistan. The debacle of the first Anglo-Afghan war fromĀ  1839-1842 was still fresh in everyones mind and a further adventure to avenge the defeat may have been mooted. However the territory was swiftly transferred to Golab Singh along with the whole of Kashmir in the treat of Amritsar on the 16th of March , just six days after the Lahore treaty. The immediacy of the 75 lakh Rupees Golab Singh was willing to pay up was probably a little more attractive than having a remote stepping stone. Hardinge had little himself to say about the demand for Hazara and the British motives are open to speculation.

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